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April 10, 2012
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Katawa Shoujo by TheScarletDevil Katawa Shoujo by TheScarletDevil
(Thanks for 100 fav's!! <333)
Finally decided to finish this after sooooo long >__>

My favorite characters from the visual novel Katawa Shoujo(Rin is also my favorite but I didn't draw her with them woops)
The VN is really nice actually, some might not agree with me xD

Hanako's story is still my favorite, because she's melting my heart every damn time:heart::heart::heart:

Katawa Shoujo ~ Lilly Satou(left) and Hanako Ikezawa(right)
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Have you seen "Sisterhood" over on the KS forum? Its another really sweet Hanako sequel story.

Simple-Shadows Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Lilly I think is still my favorite, but after reading Mehkanik's epilogue fanfic for Hanako...I just can't ignore the feels anymore!
Tied for first place these two.
You know where I can find that fic? I am lately into fic's and I am pretty interested :O
Simple-Shadows Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Here you go;

I've only read Hanako's myself. I just couldn't bring myself to read the others afterwards.
The list is a little confusing with all of the other work in there though, so just incase, Hanako's epilogue is;
Hanako Epilogue parts 1-3
Then Hanako finale - Nothing has to end.

Enjoy (:
KrisKillerX Feb 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Kawaii ^_^
A certain onomatopoeia...
'Hanako's story is still my favorite, because she's melting my heart every damn time'
Me too... ;~; I cried like a man so hard at that shit and I'm not afraid to admit it.

I almost don't want to do anyone else's storylines after that...
When I first started to play and met Hanako, I knew I had to play her story first!
Her shyness and looks attracted me to her, like who is she, what happened to her, what makes her so shy and what is her relationship with Lily? I have to admit I didn't even finish Rin's and Lily's story. I just quit XD

I don't know if I cried, but I was really feeling for her and I got sometimes emotional <3
Mm, I didn't want to finish anyone after Hanako either, but eventually I decided to see how those stories took their turns... Lilly's actually brought me new hope for Hanako too, for reasons I'll let you decipher on your own. x3 They're all really good, of course.
This picture is so cute and a good picture of hanako and lilly. its kinda like chibi, but not fully. GOOD WORK.
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